Welcome to the new website. Here you will find a wide range of fibre tools made in wood and other materials. We offer many different styles of spindles for hand spinning, and related items. All our prices here are in US$.

We also have an Etsy store with Australian dollar prices. Click here to visit it. (for orders to be delivered to Australia and New Zealand only).

Our extensive range of spindles and related products is made with care and precision from top quality materials, sourced sustainably as far as possible, cut and seasoned for years in our own special facilities. Malcolm Fielding has been the primary maker and designer for this business since 1982. 

Styles are many and include drop spindles, reversible spindles, spiral fluted styles, supported spindles including Tibetan, Russian, Pu Yok, Akha and more. Sometimes we have other items such as lace bobbins, nostepinnes, shawl pins, hair pins, carder doffers , tapestry bobbins. You can benefit from years of experience in the properties and suitability of materials, as well as our uncompromising approach to top quality in everything we sell. 

Read more about the business in the About My Work section, and find full information about our store policies, payments, warranties, delivery times etc in the Store Info section.

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