Midi Tibetan spindle, Medium Weight in Jamaican Fiddlewood, Osage Orange and Dymondwood

Midi Tibetan spindle, Medium Weight in Jamaican Fiddlewood, Osage Orange and Dymondwood

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  • Whorl - Jamaican Fiddlewood

  • Trim - Osage Orange

  • Shaft - Dymondwood

  • Tip - Titanum


  • Weight - From 27 to 31 gm (0.95 to 1.09 oz )

  • Length - 25.5 cm ( 10.03 in )

  • Width - 4.5 cm ( 1.77 in )

Your spindle will look very similar to the one photographed

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This heirloom quality spinning tool is an original designed and made by Jory Freyee in 2018 in the workshop of The Spindle Shop, Queensland, Australia.

This medium support spindle design has a medium weight whorl on a Dymondwood shaft. It has a semi fast spin with a long sustain with an excellent spin and thin flicking tip.

The spindle is finished to a very smooth surface, polished with a french polish and then a final gloss of carnauba wax for a long lasting shine and protection.

The support tip has a carefully shaped titanium point for long spins and is made for extremely long life life and low friction. Your spindle is checked for quality and spin before despatch and comes with tip protectors.

Please note that my spindles are balance tested and corrected when needed with extra pin weighting in the whorl rim, the pins in these are nickel silver.

You will receive a spindle very similar to the one photographed

* Please note that the colour in photos viewed on the internet can only ever be a general guide as to how the item appears in real life. So many variables affect this - especially the type of screen that you view on. We make every effort to colour balance our photos so that the resulting images are as close to the true appearance as possible, but you may be seeing something different. Also remember that some woods change colour over time, and when exposed to direct sunlight.