Supported Spindle Club Membership

Supported Spindle Club Membership


Annual Supported Spindle Club

You will receive 3 regular supported spindles and 1 limited edition supported spindle approximately 3 months apart.

each spindle will be up to our high standards, yet the limited edition will never be made again.

the spindles pictured are just an example, I will update the listing photos as i make each spindle.

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Note - you can join at any time.

The Regular Edition issues will be highly attractive and made with the best care, as with all our spindles, they will be triple checked for smoothness and defects.

The Limited Edition issues will have a numbered signed certificate of authenticity with your edition number on it. The issues for the Limited Editions will vary in value with some over the US $100 mark. You will from time to time receive a matching bowl and spindle set as the club issue. The actual style of spindle will vary - Russians, Tibetans, Dervishes, and phangs may all be offered at some stage though the focus tends to be on styles similar to Tibetan.

Many of the woods selected for the club issues are rare or have especially attractive figure. I will attempt to ensure each club release is sent out around the middle of the month meaning you should get your spindles around or soon after the end of Jan, Apr, July and Oct.

Spindle club members have special and valued role in my business. Their support allows me the time and funds to develop new designs, and allows also me to find unusual and high quality materials that may not be common from other suppliers. As a club member, in return for your annual subscription and the support this gives my work, you will receive periodic deliveries which will build into a special collection of unique work.

Airmail postage and packing are added by the Etsy shopping cart and vary with country of residence. Deliveries will commence immediately if the current issue is still available or up to about a couple of months later if you have just missed a model issue