Pu Yok - Tibetan style supported spindle, Medium Light weight in Lace Sheoak and Dymondwood with Abalone Inlay

Pu Yok - Tibetan style supported spindle, Medium Light weight in Lace Sheoak and Dymondwood with Abalone Inlay



  • Whorl - Lace Sheoak

  • Trim - Dymondwood

  • Shaft - Dymondwood

  • Inlay - Abalone

  • Tip - Titanum


  • Weight - 24 gr ( 0.84 oz )

  • Length - 30.5 cm ( 12 in )

  • Width - about 6.5 cm ( 2.55 in )

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This lovely Tibetan style supported spindle design is an heirloom quality item designed for a lifetime of use. The photos show the one you will receive. Hand turned in 2019 by Jory Freyee with design by master craftsman Malcolm Fielding in the workshops of the Spindle Shop, Queensland, Australia. 100% Australian made, no parts are outsourced or made on copying machines. All products are tested and quality controlled.

The shaft of this heirloom quality item is made in Dymondwood for durability, stability and long life. The tip is made from a titanium insert for extreme durability. The point is carefully shaped to be slightly rounded over to avoid damage and scratching to support surfaces, and to ensure really smooth spins at all angles.

The whorl is a saucer shape, hollowed on the top side. This design has a very long duration high speed spin characteristic. The balance has been tuned and perfected by insertion of nickel-silver pin weighting in the rim of the whorl as needed. The spindle has been tested both for static and dynamic balance. 

The top point is a slender taper to a narrow point to allow the yarn to slip the tip easily. The bottom point is well defined and designed for an effortless long spin. A support bowl is needed for using this type of spindle. I also offer support bowls on this website and can make one to order if there are none in stock.

The spindle is polished with a high shine French polish and a final gloss of carnauba wax adds durability.

You will receive a spindle very close to the spindle pictured

All my spindles are tested before despatch and come with a free sample of our lovely fibres.

*Dymondwood is a wood laminate made from dyed veneers, set in a resin glue binder and dried under high pressure to create an extremely durable and stable material ideal for use in fibre tools.