Reversible pocket spinning surface for supported spinning in Vasticolaurl and Dymondwood

Reversible pocket spinning surface for supported spinning in Vasticolaurl and Dymondwood



  • Stabilised Vasticola Burl

  • Dymondwood center for use with our titanium tipped supported spindle


  • Circumference - 6 cm ( 2.36 in )

  • Height - 3.5 cm ( 1.37 in )

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Your item will be one of the six shown here. Note that if purchased with other items there will be a large saving on postage. This delightful support bowl for supported spindling is made from resin stabilised Vasticola burl, from the Western Australian goldfields.

The Vasticola burl has been treated by a special stabilising process which ensures improved resistance to ambient humidity changes and all cracks filled with a special strengthening product to ensure longevity. Vasticola burl is a remarkably beautiful and complex material, and quite hard to obtain. Small quantities only can be obtained on occasions when the wood is found in the semi-arid areas where the trees grow.

The contrasting Dymondwood end grain insert in the centre is for extra hardness, smoothness and best spin, as well as decorative effect. The centres have a dimple to help keep the spindle in position as it is flicked, and the two sides of the surface have different profiles. One is more funnel shaped with a parabolic curve that will hold your spindle securely, and the reverse is shallower to allow use with different whorl shapes and tilt angles.

This support bowl is suitable for use with metal tipped spindles. The shallower face will accommodate ball bearing and rounded glass tips by other makers as well as my short tip Dervish styles, and the deeper well suits my Pu Yok, all my standard tibetan range and current Dervish and Dyavol styles.

It is about 55 mm in diameter and is ideal for travel use or at home.

Customer review 2016 - "This is so much better than the traditional bowls most of us learn to use (or fail to learn to use). I'm finding it makes supported spinning much easier than with anything else I've tried." JC